Dialogue for Democracy

DIALOGUE ON DEMOCRACY: Finding Common Ground in Nelson County will hopefully become an ongoing dialogue driven by the participants.  If you have articles, publications, books etc. that you would like to share with the group that will help promote a more constructive dialogue, please bring them or share their references or links.

Suggested objectives that the group may want to consider are below but please bring your ideas:

  • Understand the experiences, feelings, and beliefs of others with whom we may differ politically but who share our commitment to democracy and Jeffersonian ideals.
  • Identify areas of commonality that bring us together and help us manage our differences.
  • Build from the common ground that comes from our shared history and experiences as Americans.
  • Learn what would be helpful to others in our community.
  • Establish an on-going dialogue aimed at positive action in the community.

Here are some readings that might stimulate your thinking: The Seven Habits of Highly Depolarized People

If you have not already done so, please send a RSVP to: commongnelson@gmail.com