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Basic Necessities celebrates the European mentality which places value on thoughtful food preparation, conversation and relaxation. "La table" in French signifies so much more than just “the table,” or dinner table. It means a place where family and friends can eat, drink, talk and just be together for hours over a simple and fresh meal for hours.

At Basic Necessities Kay Pfaltz merges her knowledge of French wines and cheeses with Sallie Justice, Mae Collins Tyree and Marie Kelly to create the unique atmosphere and cuisine that has earned Basic Necessities its many loyal followers.

In many ways they have subscribed to the philosophy of the “Slow Food Movement” since opening in June of 1997. They strive to use local, seasonal and pesticide-free farm products, sourcing seasonal produce from local farms such as Blue Heron Farm, Little Hat Creek Farm, Twin Springs Farm, Whisper Hill Farm and Edible Landscaping. Basic Necessities is also committed to serving free-range, humanely-treated meat, sourced from careful farmers at places such as Timber Creek Organics and River Oak Farm.

Basic Necessities invites you to discover a peaceful and relaxing  haven where time stops, if only for just a bit. Learn more here...

Lunch is offered Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
Dinner is served on Fridays and Saturdays. 
Sunday Brunch starts at 10 am.